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Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006, 12:12 pm
ozarklily: Character Profile Sheet, 3 April

I filled out these "answers" yesterday, which isn't actual writing but prep/ note-taking/ "bible" type stuff....something I should have been doing for EACH character! Well, so-says Mr. Rozelle. I was just keeping this crap in my head.
The book shows a Character Profile Sheet.

full name:
Marie Ann Renard--note to Self: changed her name!


married/ children:
No/ no


Ranger--works near Ironton in park/ conservation area...alludes to dissociation from people and understanding/ interest in wild animals (vampires more animalistic than human)

colour hair/ eyes:
Brown/ brown

build/ weight/ height:

religious beliefs:
lapsed Catholic

dying alone

strongest belief:
loyalty to family (brother, vampires)

biggest secret:
she knows that there's something to her family history, possibly a shame, why they never went back or talked about relatives

biggest regret:
that she wasn't there to help her brother, who was off on his own in the woods, fishing in a pond

political persuasion:
liberal, in this area it would be stereotypical to be conservative and conservatives of the local ilk, usually wouldn't think going to Europe for an extended visit was good--it would be "un-American."

favourite colour:

favourite type of movie:

favourite food:
cheeseburgers and fries

strongest personal relationship:
older brother who drowned, who died when she was 7

weakest personal relationship:
with people, she prefers to be in the woods

unique mannerisms:
very sensitive to stimuli (extra-sensory type things)

very dependable and practical

talking to herself out loud, likes her meat very raw : )

who would s/he have voted for in the last presidential election?: